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DS-1000 PV I-V Curve Tracer

Daystar introduces the latest version of the industry workhorse, the 1000 Volt, 100 Amp IV curve tracer. The DS-1000 retains all the virtues of the previous unit while expanding the capability to safely test higher power arrays without sacrificing accurate module testing. Unique switching of the capacitive load allows slower, more accurate IV curves over a wide range of inputs and produce IV curves with 1000 data points plotted.

DS-1000 PV I-V Curve Tracer

Daystar's New Model

        •1000 Volts; 3 ranges 1000V, 100V, 10 V

      •100 Amperes; 3 ranges 100 A, 10 A, 1 A

      •Accurate - Portable - Reliable
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DS-1000 PV I-V Curve Tracer

Daystar introduces the latest version of the industry workhorse, the 1000 Volt, 100 Amp IV curve tracer. The DS-1000 retains all the virtues of the previous unit while expanding the capability to safely test higher power arrays without sacrificing accurate module testing. Unique switching of the capacitive load allows slower, more accurate IV curves over a wide range of inputs and produce IV curves with 1000 data points plotted.
Daystar Tracers, developed in the late 1980’s, were one of the first portable, self-contained units available for testing installed photovoltaic systems. Daystar Tracers have proven accurate, reliable, and durable and are used by many photovoltaic companies and national laboratories around the world. Contact Daystar, Inc. for a quote and delivery time. Each DS-1000 is shipped in a rugged foam-lined case and includes IVPC software, manuals, and cables. Download a datasheet here.

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  IVPC Software  (Download Now) or (Buy Now)
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A software program, IVPC, is provided with each Daystar DS-1000 I-V Curve Tracer. This menu-driven software controls the I-V curve tracer, transfers I-V curve data to the computer for storage, and includes a toolset to manipulate, normalize, display and analyze I-V curves. Some key figures are described below.

Data Grid—IVPC shows all I-V curves in a data grid with user-selected headers such as date, name, power, irradince, etc. Any of fourteen values in the curve file may be used as column headers.

Displaying Curves—IVPC displays single I-V curves or multiple curves using the Multi-curve feature.

Copying data/curves—IVPC provides several methods for copying and pasting curve data to popular word processing and spreadsheet programs.

Normalization—IVPC includes three methods for normalizing an I-V curve to standard conditions; ASTM-E1036 1993 and 1996, and a quick approximation method based on scaling current for irradiance and adjusting voltage for temperature differences.

Attached sensors—IVPC automatically reads, translates, and stores irradiance values from connected pyranometers and temperatures from connected thermocouples. These data are used for normalization.

IVPC is updated periodically and the latest version is available here

This software should not be distributed without written consent from Daystar, Inc.



Daystar DS-1000 的一个很重要的技术特点在于采用电容法测试,可实现多种型号组件的测量,更重要的是确保了测试的精度,无视辐照度变化的影响。
■ 相对传统的测试方法,我们的仪器采用高稳定的容性负载测试方式来获取IV特性曲线,提供了精确度
■ 传统的测试方式,一次测量基本需要10s-30s时间,即便是毫秒内辐照度也有可能有近百W/m2的变换,更别说几秒钟,因此传统的测试方式由于测试时间的延长导致了测试精度的急剧下降。

将干扰因素降到最低的完整特征曲线跟踪容性负载测试方式之前在学术界引起高度重视,Daystar DS-1000 已将此技术发扬光大:
■ 一方面,跟踪光伏组件、组件串、组件阵列的IV特征曲线不能过快,以避免组件本身的容性或感性对于测试结果的影响,
■ 另一方面,过慢的测量会因为辐照度的瞬息变化对结果造成影响。